Foodcaching is easy to use.
Self-service and real-time.

Restaurants, bars, coffee houses, ice-cream shops and even food stands can leverage our predefined Deal Templates enter their own offers on our secure website and see them on prospects smartphones in seconds.

Just do what's smart for your business. And you can time your offer just right. Real-time.
No need to call coupon publishers. No coupons. No Groupon's. Self-service.
No cash-flow hit. Customers come in and pay you directly.

No more stapling and writing down coupon numbers. The system tracks, redeems and logs each one of them for you. Online.

i.e. Promote an anniversary special, a gluten-free or vegan dish or tout a Tuesday only 50% off special...

Foodcaching is about social shopping... And playing with food.

We get families and people together to share great deals and enjoy the food and drinks that they decide to look for. We leverage powerful social game mechanics. Consumers earn Food Cash points. Play against the all-up leaders, or just against selected contacts, or Facebook friends.

No broad retail merchant focus so you can compete on Value not just on discounts. We have designed the system with and for the restaurant, bar manager/owner in mind. No spa, beauty salon deals in our system.

i.e. Tonight only. Limited to 20 people, Copper River Salmon $14.95!

Foodcaching is cloud services and mobile.

Web services seamlessly integrated with dedicated iPhone and Android mobile apps create a simple and yet compelling, fun experience for the user.

No old tech stuff. We don't push email spam nor text messages to people.
When your business becomes a Favorite customers get notified of your deals.
And yes. Of course Facebook and Twitter integration is designed into the product from the ground up vs an afterthought.

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